Half size mannequins take the guesswork out of pattern development and speed up the design process. When inspiration happens you need a dependable tool to help you transfer your visual ideas into cloth quickly and efficiently. Half size dressforms allow you to develop new ideas faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of working with half scale mannequins    

  • Half scale is physically easier to cope with and takes up less room in the workshop   
  • Half scale uses less fabric in the design incubation phase of fashion pattern development and so is cheaper.
  • Half scale is so much more portable
  • Half scale is easier to critique since you can see the entire design at once, up close, thus making changes to scale and dimensions easier to keep the design in balance
  • Half scale is much quicker to develop and drape
  • Half scale is reliable and takes a lot of the guesswork out of pattern development
  • Half scale is fun and user-friendly
  • Half scale is correctly proportioned to a full scale size and can be up-scaled using one of several methods: just choose the right one for you.
  • Half scale can showcase design mock ups for private clients, production prototypes, home enthusiasts and students alike.
  • Half scale pattern pieces are more easily identified and adjusted.
  • Half scale garments require less space if storing for future reference.
  • Half scale is small enough to allow some or all of the garment to be tested in the actual fabric to assess the performance of the weight and draping qualities of said fabric.
  • Half scale mock ups are less daunting for students to make as they come together quicker and needn’t be modelled “in person”.

       Frequently asked questions

  • What size are the half size mannequins?
    Our basic lady model mannequins use measurements that correspond to a UK full size 10. Chest 43 cms, Waist 33cms, Hips 45cms. Height from nape of the neck to the base is 72 cms. The man mannequin measures 54cms around the chest, 43cms around the waist and 50cms around the hips. Neck to base is 77cms. (These are approximate as the nature of individually crafted pieces can be a slight variance)
  • What are the half scale mannequins made from?
    The insides are ridged foam, the stand is wooden and the cover is cotton and elastane over a cotton felted inner cover.
  • Are the mannequins pinable?
    Yes our ladies are made to be fully pinable.
  • Can I get different covers for the mannequins?
    We do a range of different covers that can be pulled over the top of the basic model. The plug pulls out and will secure another layer underneath. Each mannequin comes with a paper pattern for you to sew your own top covers.
  • Can the mannequin be separated from the stand for storage?
    Yes, the base screws on to the body.
  • Where can I buy a half size mannequin?
    Either through the shop page attached to the halfsizemannequin website or available through Corkwood knitting and crafts.
  • What if I can’t see any available mannequins in the shop?
    It means that the stock immediately available for dispatch has been sold out
    but if you contact us we will put you on the order list.

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