Benefits of working in half scale

  •     Half scale is physically easier to cope with and takes up less room in the
  •     Half scale uses less fabric in the design incubation phase of fashion
        pattern development and so is cheaper.
  •     Half scale is so much more portable
  •     Half scale is easier to critique since you can see the entire design at
        once, up close, thus making changes to scale and dimensions easier to
        keep the design in balance
  •     Half scale is much quicker to develop and drape
  •     Half scale is reliable and takes a lot of the guesswork out of pattern
  •     Half scale is fun and user-friendly
  •     Half scale is correctly proportioned to a full scale size and can be
        up-scaled using one of several methods: just choose the right one for you.
  •     Half scale can showcase design mock ups for private clients, production
        prototypes, home enthusiasts and students alike.
  •     Half scale pattern pieces are more easily identified and adjusted.
  •     Half scale garments require less space if storing for future reference.
  •     Half scale is small enough to allow some or all of the garment to be
        tested in the actual fabric to assess the performance of the weight and
        draping qualities of said fabric.
  •     Half scale mock ups are less daunting for students to make as they come
        together quicker and needn’t be modelled “in person”.