Introduction to making digital sewing patterns with Inkscape

Discover how you can use free and open source software, Inkscape to create your own digital sewing patterns. This is the first in a set of videos that will be showing you how to use  inkscape to develop your digital pattern cutting skills. This video is the first half of a tutorial on altering a basic skirt block and making it in to an A line skirt. We cover importing a tracing layer, drawing the pattern pieces, slashing and pivoting the pattern pieces and then redrawing and smoothing the new line. At the end of the tutorial we have created a shape that is ready to have the extras added such as seam lines and waist bands. We will be adding more videos to this channel as we go.

Here is a link to a front skirt block in half size for you to use as a tracing layer if you don’t have access to any pdf files yourself.

PDF Skirt front pattern

This is a link to the Inkscape website if you want to download the programme.

This is a link to s set of great Youtube tutorials that will get you up to speed with Inkscape.

Inkscape tutorials