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A short but detailed guide to show home sewers, students and budding fashion designers who use half scale mannequins and blocks how to scale up their finished designs to full size. It includes instructions for upscaling using a variety of methods both high and low tech. You will find instructions for how to use both Photoshop and the free graphics programme GIMP to upscale your half size designs.

For those new to the concept of designing in half size this handy booklet both outlines the advantages of the process and solves the problem of how to get your mini designs into a useable format ready for construction. It includes a link to download to your PC a set of half size basic bodice, sleeve and skirt blocks in pdf format to get you started. Written by the people who decided to manufacture half size mannequins out of frustration at a lack of a suitable product for their needs, both the blocks and upscaling methods have been tested and used in their own professional practice. Part of a series of booklets being developed with both the home sewer and student in mind to enhance their design skills and take their creativity to a new level.

This pdf download also contains printable half size bodice sleeve and skirt blocks.

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