Red Third Size Mannequin - dual mount for either dresses or trousers

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Brand: Halfsize mannequins
MPN: A-0035-Z

Our new Third Size Mannequins are individually handcrafted by artisans in Sussex, blending both new and traditional skills encompassing model making, wood working and sewing. This versatile model has been created to accommodate both trousers and dresses and mounts both centrally or from the right-hand side.

The Third Size Mannequins are fully pinnable.

Our ladies’ outer covers are a 95% Cotton and 5% elastane mix.

The beech wooden stoppers are detachable so you can add different top covers.

These mannequins represent a third of a size 10.

Chest 30 cm
Waist 23 cm
Hips 30.5 cm

Height from top to bottom is 53cms

A third-size dressmaker's mannequin, offer many benefits to designers, seamstresses, and fashion enthusiasts:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Working with a smaller mannequin reduces material costs as you'll need less fabric for creating prototypes and samples. They use 11% of the fabric needed for a full-size dress form
  • Space-Saving: These smaller mannequins take up less space, making them ideal for small studios, home workspaces, or classrooms.
  • Portability: They are lightweight and easy to transport, allowing designers to take them to classes, workshops, or on-the-go fittings.
  • Design Visualization: Miniature mannequins offer a clear visualization of the garment's design, structure, and proportions, aiding in the design process.
  • Prototype Development: Designers can quickly iterate designs on a smaller scale before committing to full-size prototypes, saving time and resources.
  • Teaching Tool: In educational settings, third-size mannequins can be used to teach pattern drafting, sewing techniques, and garment construction to students.
  • Creative Exploration: Miniature mannequins encourage experimentation and creativity, allowing designers to explore unconventional designs and techniques.
  • Display and Presentation: Small mannequins are great for displaying finished garments in a retail setting or showcasing designs in exhibitions or fashion shows.

Third size mannequins are a versatile and practical way to conceptualize, create, and display clothing and accessories.

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