The Basic Mannequins

These are what we call our basic models and for the moment we are making these
in either black or pale coffee.

  • These mannequins are fully pinnable with a detatchable base.
  • Our ladies outer covers are a 95%Cotton and 5% elastane mix.
  • The Wooden stoppers are detatchable so it is easy to add different covers on
  • Our mannequins use measurements that correspond to what we lovingly refer to
    as a UK full size 10.
  • Chest 43 cms
    Waist 33cms
    Hips 45cms
  • Height from nape of the neck to the base is 72 cms

(These are approximate measurements as these
models are individually hand crafted, so may not
be exact)

  • Introductory price £99.00 plus postage
    Please follow the shop link at the top which will take you to the
    mannequin section of corkwood knitting and craft supplies,
    (Maggie's online shop!)